Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is team Sky Walkers!!

What a great day we had and what a great team we have. We are one lucky family to have such amazing family and friends. This group of people all raised money and then drove an hour and a half,  walked three miles, and then drove an hour and a half back home. We then had a BBQ to thank everyone for their time and effort. 

Skyler with her Oma

Our team consisted of kids who ranged in age from 3 - 12,  cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, her godmother, and, of course,  friends ( who are family). We had men who usually will only walk long distances if it involves camouflage, the woods, a gun, and deer. We had every person who was a direct part of the day Skyler was diagnosed. We had grandparents who are in the middle of a big move. Both Skyler's and Henry's teachers were there and some of my students and former students. It was a great group of people who came out to show their love and support for Skyler ( who felt very loved ) and to donate to this cause in hopes that all type one diabetics someday see a cure.

I felt very good about the job I have done spreading awareness when most members of our team approached me at some point to express their shock that the food being offered was not very healthy and did not list the carbs!! I understand that the food is donated, but if your going to have six large trays of cookies how about having the carb count readily available for the DIABETICS in the crowd. Anyway, overall it was a great event and a great day.

Our team raised about $3,800 and we still have donations rolling in!

Three miles is a long way for the little ones

Look at her brother and cousin moving along!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Look at  the pure joy plastered on this little face! I bet you can guess why. Yesterday at 4:00 we recieved official word that we are approved for the omnipod and it is on the way!!!! Ironically she was on the beach (plugging and unplugging all day) when I gave her the news. Her comment was "Yay, now I can't wait till next summer!"  We are in for a whole new adventure now. I will keep you all posted on how the omni pod is working for us.  Thanks for all your prayers.