Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I didn't know a person could get as low as 28 and not pass out! It was a close call last night. Sky was in the shower and yelled downstairs that she felt low. Luckily, her meter was right next to me and I shot up the stairs. I checked her while she was in the shower and an alarming 28 showed up on the screen!!!! I gave her four glucose tabs (that is what I had with me) and asked her brother to quickly get a juice. His little legs took him downstairs to the pantry and back up in about two seconds. He then explained to us that he knows Skyler doesn't like juice, but he has trouble getting the gatorade out of the plastic ring so he just grabbed the juice. I was glad he knew what to do and to do it so quickly.  Anyway, at this point Skyler was out of the shower, crying, and trembling and I was scared. She sucked down the juice and then laid on the floor and cried. I made her sit up with me and tried to calm her down ( internally freaking out myself!!)  We rechecked and only 38. I gave her two more glucose tabs figuring her blood sugar would now go through the roof. She continued to shake, cry ( more like whimper) and tell me she was starving and I should have made her eat more dinner. When we rechecked she was at 61. Then at least I knew it was coming up.  She calmed down. A little bit later she was 96 and was back to herself. She said she was happy she wasn't shaking anymore and that she wasn't hungry.
I was very surprised that all night the highest she got was 128. I am not sure how this all happened. I went through the PDM to see if I screwed up insulin anywhere, but I can't find anything that would have caused that kind of low. She has been low all day today also. Maybe it is where her site is, but we have never experienced that kind of low from placement of a site.
I started writing this post Monday and ever since the low Sunday night Skyler has been low. She is consistently dropping into the 40's and 50's. I have dropped her basal down to almost nothing and she is still dropping into the 40's and 50's. I am confused!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Back

Hi All - It has been a long time since my last post. Once school started, which means me back to work and both kids back to school, I became extremely busy again. I'm feeling bad about being away so long as you are all so supportive and wonderful. I have checked in on the blogs I just haven't had time to write.

When I left off Skyler was about to get the Omni Pod which she did and it has been great. She loves it and Kevin and I love it also. I was so worried that we would loose the PDM, but we bought a cute bag that holds everything she needs and she carries it everywhere. It's pretty funny to look outside at school and see the male phys ed teacher carrying her flowery purse, which he willingly does with a smile on his face.

It is still very much winter here in the Adirondacks, but we are so looking forward to seeing the two feet of snow  melt away and reveal green grass!!