Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blog Week Day 4 By Skyler

I could write a list of things I hate about diabetes that would be about a mile long, but decided to ask Skyler. Her first response was "everything" then I asked her to put a little more thought into it and here is what she came up with:

The Eight Things I Hate About Diabetes and Two Things That Make it Not So Bad

1. Checking my blood sugar when I am having fun.
2. Having to take it (meter and PDM) everywhere with me.
3. Checking every meal time and before I eat a snack.
4. Having to drink so many juices.
5. Changing my site ( the needle).
6. Having to come out of the lake to check my blood sugar.
7. Having to check my blood sugar in school.
8. Having blood drawn once a year.

Two Things that are not so bad

1. Starburst
2. Spending the night in Saratoga when I go to the doctor.


Heidi / D-Tales said...

I grew up in Albany, and so the Saratoga comment made me smile. It's been years -- perhaps 20 -- since I've been there, and oh, how I would love to go again. :)

Jack particularly hates #8, too.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Aw - how sweet she came up with a couple of bright points! Way to go!

I love Starbursts! 4 carbs a pop!

Karen G said...

Great job on the list, Skyler. I agree with all of those things. And yes, Starbursts to treat lows are yummy!!