Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Little Vent

I have discussed the omni pod at length with Skyler's doctor. After making the decision to switch to this pump, the instructions I was given was to fax my info as soon as we reached the out of warranty date on her current pump. I was then to call the office and they would fax the letter of medical necessity. I did my part. Of course I did because I am the one who loves, and lives with, a little girl who is very anxious to get this new pump that does not have tubing.

 She wanted this pump for the summer so she could swim and not have to deal with "plugging back in" for a bolus. She has had to be very patient because her out of warranty date was August 13th (basically the end of summer where we live). She has been talking about swimming, phys. ed class, wearing dresses, her new purse to carry the pdm etc., etc.

 Now this little girl AND her mother are anxious because school will start soon and it would have been nice to have this in place before the start of school. Well, chances are that is not going to happen.  I called the omni pod company to check on the status (ready for a health insurance fight)and I learned that; after a phone call from me and two phone calls from the omni pod people, my dr.'s office has not faxed the letter of medical necessity!!!!!! Needless to say I am slightly annoyed. I have called and left another (very calm and socially acceptable) message for the dr. to please send the letter. If it doesn't happen now I don't know how calm or socially acceptable I can remain with my future phone calls. I understand that my daughter is one of many many patients at this office, but I don't think it takes too much to get this done for us.

We are now going on two weeks of waiting and it hasn't even gone out to insurance yet.

This, my friends, is my little diabetes vent for the day - thanks for reading and for, I am sure, understanding.


Wendy said...


"Calm and socially acceptable"

Keep up the good work....but, whew, you've done well holding it together!!!

Praying for a faster response today!!!!!!

Reyna said...

You are in my thoughts Yvette. I am hoping that for the love of Peet the MDs office gets it sent out today. BUMMER. I cannot wait to hear how the POD works out for you guys.

Meri said...

I honestly have tears welling up in my eyes. If your doctor only knew! HOW FRUSTRATING! I hope they have faxed it and it is overnighted to you asap!