Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If you can believe it we are still waiting. That is correct, still waiting for an answer to whether we are approved for the omni pod or not! This process started 18 days ago. We have 9 days until the start of school. The kicker is that the hold up has not been an obnoxious insurance company who would never understand the life of a diabetic. The hold up has actually been the dr.'s office!? First, they were late on sending in the letter of medical necessity. After Insulet recieved that I thought we were all set and would hear in a few days. I didn't want to appear like an impatient lunatic (which is how D makes me feel half the time anyway) so I didn't call to find out. After about a week I called my contact at Insulet, who is now becoming a friend of mine, to check the status. She told me that they had been waiting on clinical information from the doctor. There was silence on my end at which point she asked if I was taking a deep breath? I responded that I was taking several deep breaths and that it was a good thing that it was her on the other end of the phone and not my doctors office. 
I was pretty angry and ready to call the doctors office, however; I could feel the tasmanian devil brewing inside of me and did not want to unleash on some poor unsuspecting soul at the doctors office (knowing that I would not get the doctor directly right away).
 My contact person at Insulet reassured me that she would continue to call and she would contact me when they recieved the info and were sending out to insurance. Today, I did get a call that they were able to send out to insurance and they expect a reply in 1 - 2 days.
I am no dummy and I realize that the people at Insulet are all over this and very customer service friendly because they stand to make a decent amount of money off of my little girls illness, if this gets approved. That is their job - to sell the product. I expect more out of my dr.'s office. I expect them to UNDERSTAND, to have COMPASSION, and to want what is BEST for my child. It is pretty sad that the reason this process is on the move is because of money. It is not because there is a little girl dealing with a crappy disease who just wants to feel normal ( there is that word again).


Wendy said...


I've been waiting for the big announcement that she's all hooked up and off on her new journey!!!!!

I'm so sorry. This stuff BUGS THE DICKENS OUT OF ME!!!!

Just know that there's another mom out here, praying for swift resolution and a super stat pod start for you guys!!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I can not believe their "customer service." If other businesses treated customers the way your doctor treats patients, or at least the way your doctor treats you, they'd be out of business. They'd lose customers. I'm so sorry you have to go through this ridiculous waiting game. Hang in there! I'm waiting to read that the OmniPod was worth the wait!!! :)

Meri said...

Yeah, I would be furious too. Playing the waiting game is like torture! Especially coming this close to school starting for you. You are almost there!! I hope it comes very very soon!

Reyna said...

UGH...Seriously disappointing. And you are right, the push is driven by the wrong reasons...to make a buck and not by the people who should understand how important this piece of equiment is to your daughter.

htimm=) said...

Screaming with you! I had my own frustrations as I worked to get Bekah on the pump. Mine were with our insurance company. I can't wait to hear that all is a go! With school around the corner and no pump yet I can imagine your stress. We just started the pump 2 weeks ago today and I'm going crazy thinking about school starting so soon. I'm with Wendy praying for a quick resolution and awesome start to pumping! (Once I got things resolved our pump was here along with the trainer in just a couple of days)