Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I spend  a lot of time these days questioning the career choice I made at the age of 18. Don't get me wrong I like being a teacher and I strive to be the best one I can be; however, I don't know that it was the right career choice for me. I think it is hard for  anyone to make the right choice at 18. I often think of the millions of career choices there are out there, and at the age of 18 I went off to college with the goal of being a teacher for the rest of my life. It is 20 years later and sometimes I wish I could go back and explore more options. I could go on for a long time about this, but I won't bore you. The reason I am writing about this is because my sweet little girl is turning 9 tomorrow ( which is just about killing me) and her party last weekend was based on the fact that she wants to be a cake and cupcake baker and decorator when she grows up  ( which is happening too quickly for her mother). Her favorite TV show is DC Cupcakes. For her party we had a local baker come over and teach her and 8 friends how to decorate cupcakes with an under the sea theme. Our baker came with  fondant in a million colors, cool tools, and patience. It was great!!!

One of Skyler's creations

Skyler,her buddy, and another cupcake creation

There is a point to all of this.

 I can't tell you how many people comment on the fact that she is diabetic and wants to be a baker. "My child has diabetes, but it will not rule her life" is what I want to say. My husband and I made that decision  in the hospital when she was diagnosed. We swore it would never stop her from doing anything she wants. I realize that her career choice could change a million times in the next 10 years, but no matter what it is (as long as it is legal and moral  :) ) she has our full support.  Diabetes or not I believe most parents want their children to live happy, fulfilling lives. If baking and decorating cupcakes makes her happy and she can wake up every morning excited to go to work than to me that is success.

I am asked,  "Wouldn't that be bad for her health?" My response is , "she would need to have self control and not eat everything she makes, but shouldn't anyone in that career follow that advice?" I want to add, "You have no idea how much self control she already has. In a society that centers holidays and rewards on junk food she has regular practice with self control."

I am asked, "Wouldn't it be hard not to eat that stuff all day?" I say, "Yes, I guess for anyone that would be hard." What I want to say is, "Have you been paying attention to how hard diabetes is and the fact that she handles it with such grace?"

Now,  I do have to add that there are MANY people that surround Skyler that have the mentality about diabetes that my husband and I have. These are the people that help us stick to the promise that she will do whatever she wants and we will manage diabetes through it all.


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What a cool party idea! "...and patience..." <---- Love it!

I don't know about you, but when I cook, I don't really eat. I've heard it said that smelling the food satisfies the hunger somewhat. Who would really sit around and eat everything they baked anyway?? NO ONE SHOULD EAT CUPCAKES ALL DAY LONG!!!! lol The thought makes me giggle. Such silly things to say.

aefeck said...

You are Skyler's greatest teacher. Maybe that's why you "chose" that profession? That decision, when you were 18, had enabled you to be with her everyday and monitor her diabetes. That seems "meant to be". Skyler will believe she can do anything because that is what you teach and model for her everyday.

Anonymous said...

Love the cupcake creations. So creative. When you decorate cupcakes, the obvious answer is you are decorating for a client, so if you eat your creations, you won't pay the rent, LOL. I'll bet a lot of bakers don't have much of a sweet tooth because they are around sugar all day and probably indulge a bit at first and quickly get sick of it. Everything in moderation. Few careers are off limits with D, certainly not cake decorating!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I want to be a baker and cake decorator when I grow up, too! No joke! I love to bake and want to take a cake decorating class. Great party idea!

Dealing with the ignorance and ridiculous questions and comments gets so old after a while. I'm with you. Enable her follow her dreams. Do not let diabetes rule! Show others that one CAN be a baker and live with type 1 diabetes!!!