Monday, April 25, 2011


We just returned from a wonderful week in the Outer Banks of NC. We went with my husbands parents, my husbands brother and his family and our 4+ 1 (diabetes). We rented a big house on the ocean and had a blast.

 All that D packing and organizing was well worth it. We had everything we needed and no major D problems at all. This brings me to the title of this post. I love the Omnipod. I am used to spending the warm months of summer chasing diabetes around like a chicken with her head cut off. Summer fun feels like perpetual motion mothering.

Usually a warm day on the beach meant unplugging from her pump to swim, then plugging back in and correcting the high. Also, an entire day of that usually meant a night of chasing lows and me continuing my perpetual motion mothering all night long. In the summer we spend most of our time on the beach and Sky loves being in the water. This is why we decided to switch to the Omnipod and we are so happy we did!!!! We got the omnipod in September so we hadn't had the summer like experience yet.

So this past week was our first experience with the omnipod in the water and warm sun. She had a few lows, but for the most part was pretty level. I turned her basal rate down in the morning on the hot days and that seemed to allow her to swim and play safely. Her night time readings were great which allowed me to not be in perpetual motion, relax, and enjoy a few drinks.

I am also happy to say that the pod stayed put and didn't need to be changed and more than normal.
D is hard and nothing is going to change that all that much, but the omnipod technology has given us some relief from the stress of managing this disease and I am so grateful for that!!

On a sour note the morning we left poor Skyler had a fever and a sore throat. She was a trooper the entire 12 1/2 hour car ride home. Being sick is bad enough and having diabetes is bad enough, but to be sick with diabetes and stuck in a car for 12 1/2 hours is really rough. She never complained she just asked that we keep driving and get home.  My fingers are crossed that it is not strep throat!!


Reyna said...

Great news on the pod...Joe has talked a bit about it on and off. I just told him about the "swimming" bonus of the pod.

I hope she is feeling better and fingers crossed on no Strep. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Swimming with the pod on is one of the (many) reasons we also love OmniPod!

When we were just considering it and had a dummy pod to try out, we did it during a week of daily swim lessons. It stayed put and didn't bother her. It really helped sell it to us.

Sounds like your vacation was awesome and though you can never have a true vacation from diabetes, that you got to relax a little.