Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Vacation for Five

Yes, if you were thinking there are only four members of their family your right. There are only four members of our family, but diabetes can feel like the third child. The VERY high maintenance child that always wants your attention, never lets you sleep, and requires a lot of equipment. The funny thing in our family is that Skyler, who carries diabetes around all day and night, is the exact opposite of the above description. 

The reason I started thinking about this post is because I am in the process of packing for our spring break vacation. On top of  packing all the clothes, toys, car entertainment, bedding, etc. there is the job of packing the diabetes supplies. I need to think about diabetes for every situation, starting with the drive. We will drive  more than halfway the first day and finish the second day. 

The Sugar Bin


We have rented a house with some of our family. Having a kitchen when we go away has become a given for us. It is easier with kids, but especially with diabetes. We will still go out for dinner a few times and we will eat things that we normally don't, but having a kitchen and doing our own grocery shopping is a huge stress reliever. I am pondering bringing the food scale (the salter 1450). I am trying to pack light (as if that is possible), but it really helps to have it. I haven't asked the opinion of anyone else in the family for good reason. When we first got the salter I loved it so much that I commented that I was going to bring it everywhere I went. That comment was met with " Well that's too bad because the rest of us will now never go to a restaurant with you again." (wise ass husband) Then came the comment, "We better watch her closely because she can fit anything in that purse." (wise ass child) I have just decided that I am bringing it!!

The beloved (only by me) Salter 1450

Finally, all the daily supplies!! I have enough pods for about two weeks. Enough insulin for about a month (I'm always afraid I will drop one).Enough strips for a month. I have enough alcohol swabs, uni slove, and preps that I could bathe in them. I have two glucogons that I need to remember to keep out of the hot car. I also have syringes and Lantus, God forbid the pump fails.

After all this packing and organizing along comes Skyler. She plops something down in front of me and says, "Mom, don't forget these they're my favorite"

I mean really, where are my priorities :)


Reyna said...

Ah Cha...those flip flops should have been first packed lady! LOL. I soooo hear you on the "D" packing. It is a "JOB" for sure. I even pack and extra glucometer. I had one break on me in the middle of BFE at midnight...while traveling. It was an aweful feeling.

Have fun on Spring Break!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

D is like another child! And packing for D? Ay yi yi!!! The last trip we took, we went away for a week, and we had an entire suitcase filled with nothing but diabetes supplies. But you do whatcha gotta do!