Tuesday, May 18, 2010

.15 or .2 ???????

Before diabetes blog week I was writing about my confusion over S's overnight blood sugars. I am still getting up three times a night mostly because I just don't trust diabetes. I'm now pretty confident that I have it all figured out. I moved her to a .2 basal rate for the overnight except from midnight to 3am. Midnight to 3 goes back to .15 and then 3am to 8 am back to .2. Of course last night at 2 am she was 286. I guess I may still have some figuring out to do. I have not resorted to the CGM yet, because S absolutely hates it. She is so good about everything to do with diabetes, but does not like the CGM.

OK, so shortly after I figured out the nighttime blood sugars her daytime blood sugars started to rise. So, I have been trying a temp basal rate of .2 at various times to see what it does to her blood sugar. So far so good. Today I set her at .2 for the entire day and I have my fingers crossed that this will be OK. It seems very wrong when you are using your own child in an experimental way that could result in a bad outcome for her. It goes against every natural instinct of mothering. However, I am very grateful for the fact that I am in S's school with her all day. It really helps my sanity. I will be able to see her at 10:00 for snack and at 11:45 for lunch.

We are approaching summer here in NY, so once I have this all figured out it may all have to change do to hot weather and high activity level. Oh the joy of diabetes.

This may; however, help make our decision between a pump that doses .025 and the omni pod. I still have about 3 months to contemplate that decision.


Wendy said...

It does feel weird to switch up such delicate doses and send your kid into life while you wait and see what happens!!!

If it's any consolation, Addy's basals switch ALL DAY LONG -- I'm not kidding when I say that I think she has 8 different basal changes in a 24 hour period...and that might be conservative! Geez, I'd have to count!!!!!

I just keep going with the flow and tweaking the ride. Once we reach a beautiful streak, I hold my breath until the other shoe drops and it's time to start again!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!

htimm=) said...

I feel your pain. We aren't even pumping yet and I feel like I am constantly experimenting (read that as second guessing her pancreas). It always leaves me with a sick feeling in my gut. I guess that is just how we D-moms roll. Good luck with your decision on which pump to get!

connie said...

It seems to change from one day to the next, make that one moment to the next!!! I am always tweaking and making little changes here and there and I don't have Miss E or Lil Miss C on pumps yet...still doing MDI's but looking into a pump for Miss E.

Good luck with it all, it's enough to drive ya crazy some days.