Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Score: Diabetes 1 Mom 0

Today diabetes is winning and it is driving me nuts! I'm going to break down and put the CGM on S tonight. This will not be fun. She hates the process of putting it on(so do I because she screams and then continues to cry because she says the pain moves down her whole leg.) Is this really what the person who loves you the most is supposed to do to you? Anyway, the intention is all good.

Here is my frustration. I reset the basal rate to .15 from 7am to 11 am to avoid the low she had yesterday morning and what do you think happened this morning? 256 at 10am snack time!! This was after eggs and 1/2 of a wheat english muffin for breakfast??? Her basal rate then went up to .2 at 11am and at 11:45 she was 356. This is not making sense. I just got some advice from another online mom suggesting I try alternating .15 and.2 every hour. This would give her the same total basal that the .175 basal rate would give her. That .175 is what I believe she needs, but her pump can't make that increment in dosage. This is worth a try.  I think my game plan is to put the CGM on tonight and then try the alternating basal rate tomorrow. Of course, with a 356 I am now thinking maybe she is getting sick and if so I will need to start this entire process over again. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Eek. 356 is no fun at all. I got your post today. If you don't object, I will give you a shout via email later tonight. I hope she isn't getting ill.

Meri said...

I would wait three days between changes. Sometimes it takes a couple days for things to start doing what they should.

I've done the alternate basal thing before, and have had success with it. Sometimes it's our only option. Hope it is a huge success for you!

And btw: You are kicking D's arse...there is NO WAY your score is 0!

connie said...

I wish I could be of help for you on this one but both of my girls are still on shots :( I hope that you figure it all out...

I refuse to believe that diabetes is going to win this one, you are a good mama and you are a great pancreas!!! It's the hardest job ever and I am sure that you are kickin some D-Bootie :)

Hang in there friend!