Saturday, May 1, 2010

check up

We recently had the three month check up for S. Her A1C has always been between 6 and 7 and at this check up it was 8! I feel awful about this. I am reminded of how difficult this disease is and how responsible I am for her health and her future health. All parents feel responsible for the health of their children, but not all parents are trying to mimic an organ of their childs body. Essentially, I am S's pancreas walking around outside her body trying to figure out what is going on in her body and what will go on for the next few hours after she has eaten. I am always aware of this but, after hearing an A1C of 8, it is in the forefront of my mind again,causing sleepness nights and anxiety. This all just goes with diabetes so I'm trying to work my way back to the almost calm that I work so very hard to feel about diabetes.

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