Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Trying to Figure it Out

Well we made it through the night last night. S was 120 at about 8pm, 72 at 11:30 (I gave her a few sips of juice), 82 at 3am (a few more sips), and 112 at 7am.  The problem occurred later in school. At about 8:30 am she was 59. I am assuming it was a build up from the increased basal overnight. On the positive side her teacher told me that Skyler got her meter out, checked her own BS and announced that she was 59. They treated it and the rest of the day was fine. I am thinking of doing the .20 basal from 8pm to midnight, go back to .15 from midnight to 3am, and then back to .20 from 3am to 7am. If you are confused you may need to read the post from yesterday. I am certain that her highs happen in the beginning of the night and in the very early morning hours, but it seemed that the .20 was too much all night. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. I tried to reach her Dr. today to get her opinion, but couldn't.

I have been trying to add some new pictures to my blog. The main picture is from our vacation to Myrtle Beach this past spring. The picture of my kids is from a trip to Washington DC. I love to take pictures and for 8 years have mostly photographed my kids, but I am now trying to branch out and take some other pictures. The daffodil is from our garden, where we live we can still get a frost so I figured I would take the picture so we can be sure to enjoy it for a while. Also, yellow is S's new favorite color so I thought it would be appropriate on this blog.

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Sarah said...

S likes yellow now!! She'll always be Pinkalicious to me!