Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long Night Ahead

The field trip was a success!! S had a great time and her numbers were great all day. Once again I thank God for the people in my life. My best friend was on the field trip and that brought great peace of mind. Thank you!!!!!!!

Tonight I am preparing to be up quite a few times. S has been running high overnight. The problem I have is that her basal rate needs to increase, but her medtronic pump increment isn't small enough. I have to go from .15 to .20. The last two night I did that from 8 - 12 and so far so good, but she is still waking up high, so tonight I plan on setting it for.20 all night. I'll probably check before I go to bed, midnight, 2am, and 4am. That sounds like fun. I will be a zombie by tomorrow night.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Hope you get some sleep!! I think we all walk around like zombies with this disease!! So good to know we're not alone and in good company!