Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Favorite Way to Treat Lows

Maybe the title is wrong because this is my favorite way to treat lows, but I think both kids make out pretty well.

It all starts with Halloween. My least favorite holiday!! We do the dress up thing and the trick or treating, but when that is over things are a little different for my kids, and I'm sure for most diabetic kids. Before Halloween I pay attention to something small they have been asking for, maybe a little truck or a movie. I buy whatever it is and make sure I have it for Halloween night. After trick or treating I tell them if they give me their bag of candy they can have the toy that I bought. SO FAR - this has worked every time. They get the toy and I get the candy. The candy goes into a bowl in the pantry and we use it to treat lows (most of the chocolate goes in a separate stash for me).Oh, and whenever S gets a candy for a low H gets one also.  One of the first sentences H ever said was "I feel wow" ( he had a 'W' for an 'L' substitution). He would say this while holding out his hand for a blood sugar check. He does not have diabetes, but he quickly learned that anytime S said that she felt low she got a tasty treat. I guess that's a pretty concrete example of observational learning!

Next comes Christmas. Any Christmas candy that comes in I let the kids have one and I dump the rest into the bowl.

Finally, there is Easter. I let the kids have a few pieces that day and the rest goes in the bowl. I also try to fill the hidden eggs with some other things besides just candy, like goldfish crackers and pretzels.

The excessive amount of candy that comes in at all of the holidays is too much for any kid, never mind those with diabetes. When S was first diagnosed it used to make me angry that sugary treats pour in at holiday time. I decided to stop getting mad and just make the best of it. I use it as an opportunity to teach my kids that things are much better in moderation and I use the candy to treat lows! We also always have glucose tabs and juice boxes on hand. I have to say that I find a juice box the quickest way to fix a low, and it is heaven in the middle of the night when I can slid the straw in her mouth and she starts sucking away in her sleep! Also, the truth is,  I still get mad when the candy pours in! :)

I can't wait to read other blogs to get some more ideas on how to treat lows.


connie said...

I love using juice boxes to treat lows quickly and easily during those late night LOWS! I have had too many times when I couldn't get my girls to eat something at 3:00 am so a little sip off the juice box will usually do the trick.

Thanks for sharing :)

Reyna said...

JUICE baled me out of the damn pudding icident...one of my posts a couple of weeks ago. I ran out of glucose tabs (in the middle of the night)...Meri had suggested pudding on her blog. So I had bought chocolate pudding. Well I tried spooning it in Joe's mouth at night...and he fought me the whole time. Chocolate was smeared ALL over his pillow and bed sheets. It looked like a murder crime scene!!! So I had to go to juice. We don't use it often...I don't know why...Joe doesn't seem to be a big fan. He is purely a glucose tab and Starburst kind of guy.

I too get annoyed with the candy parade at the Holidays...can't help myself. Oh and like that you stash the chocolate for you...that is how I roll too!!!


k2 said...

I LOVE your attitude !
Kelly K

Karen said...

I'm with Kelly - love your attitude! What a great idea to save the candy for low instead of bringing it to work where co-workers will eat it or dumping it in the trash.

Anonymous said...

I love how you save the chocolate for you!