Monday, May 24, 2010

I Might Win This

We have had a crazy weekend, but things are starting to work with S's blood sugars. She ended up having a slight fever Friday night, which could account for some of the high blood sugars. Her fever was gone Saturday morning and she was feeling fine (strange). I decided to start the alternating basal rate Saturday morning. We also got our toughness on and put the CGM back on. OK, so it may have taken some toughness accompanied by some bribery (She wanted a new book, so I had to buy her one to convince her to let me put the CGM  back on.) She decided that calling it a CGM was hard and not so fun so she named it Daisy. It makes it sound so much nicer.
So, with Daisy in place and a new basal rate going we're feeling like we have got this thing beat and so far so good. Her numbers have been good during the day. She was still climbing at night and Daisy has helped me figure this out. I am alternating between.15 and .2 all day except from 8pm to midnight where we are staying at .2. Now, I said her numbers have been good, but I'm looking for great! According to Daisy she seems to climb a little after meals (170 -180) so now I am going to tweek the meal boluses just a little and see how things go.
I have to say that even though Daisy and I don't always see eye to eye I am very grateful to have "her" right now. If a cure is a long way off I pray that technology will keep helping me with this job. I also owe a big thanks to the on line Moms out there that have been reading. The suggestion of alternating basal rates has been a  major part of this adjustment. Thank you so much! I am questioning why my health care professionals never suggested this option!?hmmmmm

Good thing she's a little book worm or I may never have gotten Daisy back on S's body!


Wendy said...

OMGsh!!!! She's SO CUTE!!!!!! Hope Daisy helps :)

connie said...

That Daisy sounds amazing!!! Oh how I wish I had a couple of her around for my girls :)

The CGM is something that we are interested in but I am not sure that my kids would be to excited about it...I know that I would be!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are improving. PS - we are in CT and have enjoyed the warm up here too (although it's been pretty warm!)