Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Weather

It quickly became summer here in NY in the past few days. I'm loving this weather, but it is wreaking havoc on my life in some ways. For one, of course, diabetes. We went to the lake after school yesterday  from about 4:00 to 6:00. The kids were in the water most of the time which means it was  "S unplugged."  I checked her a few times and had her come out of the water and plug in for a half hour in the middle of our time there. At that point she was 70, so I thought great she can be uplugged for a while (silly me!). I gave her a half a juice box and then let her go back in the water a little while later.  Since it was so hot I assumed her blood sugar would stay low. When we left the beach she was 137. Great! Her blood sugar was so good that we stopped to visit my in laws for a little while. S asked her Oma for an omelette and they cleared it with me. Well that's easy no carbs in eggs right? Well, at bedtime she was 485!!!!! I am guessing that being unplugged caught up with us. Once again we are dealing with a whole new set of variables because the season is changing. I don't know about everyone else, but unplugging to swim is a real challenge for us. I am also wondering if anyone else out there notices high blood sugars after eating eggs.  I don't get it, but it happens with S often.

I am also a runner and these temperatures force me to get up extra early to run in the morning and avoid the heat. When you are going on the amount of sleep us D moms get the last thing you want to do is get up extra early in the morning. I do run in the morning most of the year, but this spring I have been running in the evening and loving it. Oh well, the good news is that this is unusually warm weather so everything will cool off a little, but  I will still be dealing with the uplugging issue at the lake.

                                                                                PUMP FREE!!


connie said...

Those sunsets on the lake look beautiful!!!

I am sorry to hear about the high blood sugars, my oldest Miss E loooooves eggs and she has never had them raise her blood sugars before. I always thought those were a "free" food with no carbs?

Figuring out D can be a real brain-bender some times! I hope things settle and you start to see some lower numbers :)

Reyna said...

Joe usually does OK with being unplugged for about an hour...more than that, I bolus hourly for the basal he'll be missing by being unplugged.

Joe loves to swim in the lake too...look beautiful. It has been HOT here...and yes, we are moving locally...just upgrading to a little bigger of a is all is on a moving van ready to be unloaded at 8am tomorrow morning!!! WAHOO. Oh and the wrist is healing after antibiotics. xoxo