Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm a little frustrated today because of a couple of interactions I had with people regarding diabetes this past weekend. As I was stewing over them I began thinking of a few other things that really bother me regarding the misunderstanding of this disease.

I decided I would like to wear a sign that states the following:

1. Type 1diabetes and Type2 diabetes are two different diseases.
2. Giving children candy does not equal love.
3. No, she didn't get diabetes from eating too much sugar.
4. Yes, it is genetic even though we haven't quite figured that out for our family yet.
5. Yes, she can do it (whatever "it" may be).
6. Sugar Free candy doesn't help and is actually a big lie because it has sugar alcohols, so please stop buying  it for her.
7. Please don't buy her artificially sweetened products. You may not agree with my reasoning for this, but please respect that we try to avoid them for our kids!
8. For one particular person, I would like you to know that they probably stopped calling diabetes "the sugar" in the 1930's. Please follow suit.
9. Last, but not least, can you please save the awful diabetes story about your dear Aunt Mildred for a time when my eight year old diabetic daughter is not in your presence.

Sorry for coming across as annoyed today, but I am. For the most part people mean well and I know that . I try very hard to be patient and polite, so that's why I am venting here and not to the people who are offenders of the above mentioned annoyances. I thought this would be a good place to get it off my chest. So although today I feel like hanging the above mentioned sign around my neck, the sign below makes me much happier!


Wendy said...


VENT away, my friend! I can't tell you how many times I've felt the same way.

Great post -- I love genuine emotion!!!

Meri said...

If you end up making that sign...and then market it...I'll buy three. :)

htimm=) said...

We must be on a similar wave-length today. I want a sign too!

connie said...

I have been there!!! Give me a sign baby!

People do mean well...usually. But it can make you want to scream, especially the gruesome amputation stories!!! Hello...not in front of the little ones please?!

So scream and vent as much as you need to.

my sweet girl said...

Oh yes Connie. The story I was delivered while trying to box S out of the conversation was an awful amputation story!!! How can people be so ignorant to tell something like that in front of an 8 year old kid. Actually, I would rather not hear the story myself!!!