Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freedom Update

   I'm starting to get used to this freedom thing. I took all of the advice from the rest of the D moms and I am enjoying myself. Last night I went to dinner with friends. We had a great meal and enjoyed some wine. I didn't worry too much, but noticed that out of habit I kept checking my cell phone.  My husband can't even get cell service where they are camping. I also woke up at the regular times that I check S in the middle of the night, but suprisingly I was able to fall back to sleep. Tonight I am headed to a Memorial Day party where I will not have to avoid the buffet table or be the food nazi. I won't have to watch her little face look at the hundreds of desserts and pick just one! She will, however, be enjoying smores over a camp fire.
  They all came home today for a couple of hours to regroup. It was good to see them. It was even better to hear my husband say that he checked her four times throughout the night because her numbers were so good that he couldn't believe it. He was planning on catching a high because of the smores, but it never happened. He earned some points for that! They were very excited to be going back. I was tempted to join them tonight but, we all agreed that I should enjoy another night of my Mommy weekend. Thanks to all of the D mom's - the reassurance is very helpful.
  I will be very excited to see them tomorrow morning!!


htimm=) said...

yay glad you are having a good time and hopefully when they get back you'll be feeling a bit refreshed from your break of playing pancreas and be ready to get back in the game.

Meri said...

I am so happy for you!! So SO happy you got to actually enjoy your YOU time!! Hooray for your husband!

Reyna said...


Wendy said...

WOW!!!!!! Spot on for S' THAT is some blogworthy stuff :)

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Sarah said...

Freedom was enjoyed to its fullest!